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Nick Sandmann – HFR Hero of the Week

Nick Sandmann – HFR Hero of the Week

Look at his eyes.  There is no fear in his eyes.  That’s the reason for the pathological hate.  Nick Sandmann is our Rosa Parks.

Just as she became an icon of resistance to the anti-black racism of the Democrat Jim Crow South in the 1950s, The Sandmann is now our icon of resistance to the anti-white racism of the Fascist Democrat Party and the Fascist Media today.

Look at his fearless eyes.  Look at his pleasant smile.  It’s not a “smirk” – it’s an expression of a friendly kid, who’s confidant in himself.  He’s saying silently, “It’s okay to be white, I have no apologies for who I am, and I refuse to sit in the back of your anti-white racist bus.”

This morning (1/25) we published Nick Sandmann’s statement, What Happened at the Lincoln Memorial.  Obviously a must-read.

On Wednesday (1/23), young Nick was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today show.  She started right out asking Nick to apologize and admit the episode was his fault.  He refused, saying “I had every right to stand there,” and “I cannot say I’m sorry.”

This 16 year-old boy has more spine than the majority of Republicans in Congress put together.  Little wonder he elicited the President’s praise:

Here’s the lesson Nick Sandmann has to teach all of us who love America against those who hate us and it:
stand-your-groundBy contrast — there are no adequate words to describe the depth of evil Democrats have expressed towards a 16 year-old kid who just stood calmly in front of a lying Stolen Valor phony Indian “elder” wackjob shouting gibberish and banging a drum in his face.

Here’s an example.  This is a tweet from Walt Disney film producer Jack Morrissey, who fantasizes about murdering Nick and his schoolmates in a woodchipper.

There are countless other dirtbag libtard examples, one from a slut at Saturday Night Live tweeting that she will fellate any man who punches Nick in the face.

The criminal racist insanity of the Left towards whites has been approaching Nazi levels for some time now.  Confirming evidence is the completely unhinged racist hate for Nick Sandmann, and culminating in this sign carried by a participant in the “Women’s March” in Manhattan on Saturday (1/19).

The pathological irony of the Nazi Left, with Whites as the New Jews, is that most of its proponents are white themselves – as is Jack Morrissey, the SNL fellatrice, and the guy carrying the sign above (look at his fingers).  The hatred of the Left towards whites, President Trump, America, Western Civilization is at its core self-hatred.

Note everyone in the photo is white – they’re smiling and have no problem with calling for their own extermination.  These folks are very, very mentally ill.  They need to kill themselves first before demanding we be killed.

They’ve started now with calls to murder children wearing MAGA hats.  They’ve now begun with calls to murder all of us.  They need to murder themselves instead.


Speaking of mass murder.

The criminal insanity directed towards Catholic Christian white kids was, in a nightmare of evil, left in the dust by the state government of New York this week.

Here’s the headline, replete with a crowd cheering their governor:  Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill Updating New York’s Abortion Law.  That was on Tuesday (1/22), to celebrate the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Here’s the new law’s reality:

Read “Shocking Facts about New York’s Radical Abortion Law” – you may want to throw up.  It really is “No Different than Infanticide.”

As this OB/GYN explains:

Someone somewhere is going to conclude that if human beings can be legally murdered out of the womb, however barely, then this applies to those who created this law.  They will conclude that Andrew Cuomo needs to be legally aborted himself, and all the legislators who voted for the bill he signed.

This is not to advocate taking action on such a conclusion, but it is a logical conclusion nonetheless.

In any regard, what has ben perpetrated by Cuomo is a horrific reminder of just how Nazi evil Democrats have become.  And this evil will seize control of all America should they win in 2020.  Just how Nazi-Commie-Fascist?


Let’s hop over to Fun City for a moment to check out the latest hip twitter hashtags.

There’s just-announced Dem 2020 prez candidate Kamala Harris’ #HorizontalHarris.  Yes, she slept her way to the Senate, starting with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, destroying his marriage in the process.

There’s just-announced Dem 2020 prez candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, so stupid her site is #SilliGilli.  Capitol Hill staffers however know her as “KuKluxKirsten,” as the only word she seems to know is “racist.”

And of course, there’s just-announced Dem 2024 prez candidate (she’ll be 35 by then) 3B – the Bug-eyed Brainless Bolshevik herself – with a twitter feed of #BronxNitwit.  Feel free to jump in all three and join the fun.


Meanwhile, lots of Winning! this week. (Sorry for the downer at the end.)

*On Tuesday (1/22), the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s ban on “transgenders” can continue to be enforced.  These people need psychiatric treatment, rather than make taxpayers pay for them with Pentagon money to be genitally mutilated.

Note the vote was 5-4,  with Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and RBG (from her hospital bed) voting No as the lib bloc, and Roberts joining the majority.  He may now feel it’s safe to rejoin the conservative bloc of Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh as the HFR predicted.

As an aside, Trannies should be thankful they must abide by decisions of the US Supreme Court and not that of the Japan Supreme Court, which just ruled they must be sterilized before their claimed sexual status can be recognized on official documents.  Wow.

*Remember in last week’s HFR, that Mexican drug kingpin Juaquim Guzman paid Mexican President Nieto US$100 million to do what he wanted?  Well, this week on Tuesday (1/22), we learned that Pelosi and the Dems are being bribed by the Mexican drug mafia to vote against the Wall no matter what.

That’s the claim of an insider Arizona Dem – and why not?  The Mex cartels have billions, which are jeopardized by the Wall.  Dems are by nature corrupt, and millions in easy money to them each is chump change for the cartels.  Good job for the NSA to track Dem secret accounts, you’d think, yes?

*Yesterday (1/24), CNN reported: White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall.

The White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border and has identified more than $7 billion in potential funds for his signature border wall should he go that route, according to internal documents reviewed by CNN…


According to options being considered, the administration could pull: $681 million from Treasury forfeiture funds, $3.6 billion in military construction, $3 billion in Pentagon civil works funds, and $200 million in Department of Homeland Security funds.”

Let’s hope POTUS dismisses objections by Jared Kushner and pulls the trigger.  As you’ve just heard, he caved to Kushner and the Dems this afternoon (1/25): Trump Announces Temporary End to Government Shutdown:

The White House finally caved to Democrats’ demands, despite Trump’s repeated assertions this week that he would not do so.”

This is not Winning.  He caved on Saturday (1/19) offering Pelosi a 3-year semi-amnesty for DACA “Dreamers”, and Pelosi said No.  He caved to her yesterday (1/24: “Trump Folds to Pelosi on State of the Union Address.” Now this today.

His presidency rides on building the Wall.  He knows it – No Wall, No Second Term.  Simple as that.  He has to pull the National Emergency trigger in three weeks as promised today (Feb. 15), or the Dems will own him.  The antithesis of winning.

True Believers will insist this is just The Donald playing 3D chess.  But for many others, their faith is starting to falter.  Chess requires a checkmate.  We’re waiting, Mr. President, we’re waiting.


Here’s good news on two other fronts.

*Yesterday (1/24): Federal judge upholds Arkansas law that forbids state agencies from investing in or contracting with companies that boycott Israel.

TTPer Joe Katzman tells the HFR:

“Note the cleverness of immediately going after media, who depend on government ads more and more these days and are too left to ever disavow boycotting Israel lest their staff revolt.


Brilliant. And as the laws proliferate, leftist media outlets become easy targets for Mike Ryan style entropic warfare.”

*And in the Schadenfreudelicious Department:  Facebook Stock Slides after Discovery that 50% of Its Users Are Fake.  Now the same needs to happen to Twitter.


Speaking of Mike Ryan, mentioned by Joe above.  Mike kicked off an amazing discussion on the Forum regarding Pavel Baev’s Russia’s Pessmistic Prospects for 2019.

I keep harping on the value of the Forum as one of the key benefits of TTP – frankly, there’s no website conservative or otherwise that can match it.  So here’s the full discussion to prove my point.

Mike Ryan
I did a furnace structural failure analysis in a steel mill in Magnitogorsk in 2018. The mill is huge by American standards with 12 production lines. The machinery and especially the instrumentation is WWII vintage and was built to defeat Hitler. Almost no process control loops run under automatic control as nobody makes the needed replacement parts. Production costs are impossible to measure. Air pollution control devices such as baghouses and scrubbers are bypassed.

It is no wonder that the gas line exploded. Old steel pipe without functioning pressure regulation is just spooky.

We think that our tatted up millennials are terrible employees. But theirs are worse by a factor of 3.

After watching their lack of precision with the steel raw material mix I feel sorry for the tank crew or bridge builder or railroad engineer that must bet life and limb on the junk.

There will be more pipeline failures and structural failures. A nation without basic materials is a failed state.

Doug Kemp
: And the great shame in all this is that we (the West generally and the US in particular) should be working hand-in-glove with Russia to pull that country out of its troubles.

We have so much in the way of common concerns, including an increasingly aggressive China, and a terminally aggressive Moslem world.  And Russia along with Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary and others) may well prove to be the last stand for what we used to call Christendom, if the continuing invasion from the dirt world and the never-ending freak-show of our own domestic barbarians aren’t reversed soon.

There was so much potential for that a couple of years ago …

Let’s look at it from Putin’s point of view:

Syria can’t be abandoned because if he loses control there, Putin loses his Navy port on the Med, and even worse, risks a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria and Turkey and/or Israel through Cyprus to Europe.  The competition to Gazprom would be very costly.

Ukraine can’t be abandoned for both PR reasons and because much of Russia’s most modern industry, including weapons manufacturing, is in the Russian controlled area.

Putin’s one aircraft carrier is an international joke.  So is his mostly Moslem conscript army.

Putin can’t wish away the growing military strength and territorial aggressiveness of China, but his border defense budget for China is badly overstretched.

Trump’s withdrawing from the INF treaty is going to force Putin to have to spend more money on defense, which he can ill afford – just like with SDI 30 years ago.  Watch for Trump to ratchet up Putin’s military spend rate.  Trump understands economics and cash flows.  So does Putin, so expect him to become more and more desperate as the walls close in.

Putin has a huge need for capital, but after the way he treated British Petroleum and other mega investors, no one is going to be foolish enough to invest there.  Putin and his gang of crooks has been pulling more money out of the gas and oil business than is sustainable; the old investments are literally rusting away and not being adequately maintained, let alone updated.

Just like what has happened to the oil production in Venezuela, though the rot hasn’t gone as far, yet. Thanks, Mike, for that insider news about the steel mill!

Putin is acutely aware that what he needs are higher oil and gas prices.  (Read a translation of his PhD thesis in economics at the Atlantic Monthly website.)  He is also acutely aware that he won’t get a ban on American fracking under Trump, but that almost any Democrat could be paid to do what he needs, and might even do it for US domestic support.

Expect Putin to continue to go all in to help elect a ‘Crat president in 2020.

If Putin becomes desperate enough, he might try to engineer a major false flag US disaster or even try to assassinate Trump.  Putin is a desperate utterly ruthless man.


Now that’s food for thought!  We close with an inspiration.

Last week, we discussed “the impossibly insult-your-customer insanity of Gillette’s new YouTube ad, “The Best Men Can Be.”

Enter Ilan Srulovicz, the CEO and founder of Egard Watch Company.  He was so incensed at Gillette insulting all men as “toxic” that he decided to produce a counter-ad.  Here’s Ilan’s story of why he did it, risking his company in the process.

And here’s Ilan’s short film: “Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us.” Thanks, Ilan.

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