by Dr. Jack Wheeler | January 18, 2019 11:58 pm

pelosi-flight-postponement-letterMy ribs are sore.  Every time I see this immortal letter and all the attendant media frenzy around it, I can’t stop belly laughing.

For example – Pelosi’s taxpayer-paid junket was unannounced, the public knew nothing about it, so when POTUS blew the whistle, he exposed it but waited until the Dems were in the bus on the way to Andrews:

Undiluted Ronrico Purple Label 151 Proof humiliation.  Here’s the look on Bela Pelosi’s face when faced with flying commercial and having to pay for her in-flight bar tab:

She’s infamous for using taxpayer-paid US military planes as “Air Pelosi” – her weekly personal travel to her district DC-SFO with over $1,000 of expensive booze consumed per flight.   It’s common knowledge among Capitol Hill staffers that she’s an alkie.


The jokes are unending – like Fox’s Greg Gutfeld in a segment entitled “Grounded,” Trump “stole Nancy’s lunch money – then he ate her lunch.”  Or:

But the reality is very serious business, and POTUS knows it very well.  He’s telling staffers about what happened to Ronald Reagan early in his presidency.

On August 3, 1981, 13,000 union members of PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association) went on strike, holding the entire US air travel system hostage.  They were sure Reagan would cave to their egregious demands.

Instead, Reagan quickly announced their strike was illegal under their signed contracts, and if they did not return to work in 48 hours he would fire them all.  The strikers’ response was a collective middle finger, laughing that “planes can’t fly without us, what a stupid bluff.”

Exactly wrong.  With only some 1,600 controllers returning by the 48 hour deadline, on the morning of August 5, President Reagan fired 11,345 controllers and placed a lifetime ban on their being rehired.  Thousands of supervisors and military controllers joined the non-strikers to get 80% of flights operating normally within a week.   Two months later, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) decertified PATCO and the union ceased to exist.

And that was the end of any challenge to Ronald Reagan’s presidential authority.  He was the Big Dog.

For two years despite the Mueller Witch Hunt and 24/7 demonization by the Fascist Media, Trump has coasted due to the Pubs’ majorities in Congress.  That ended two weeks ago with the Dems’ taking over the House.  All of a sudden his presidency is on the line.  And no one knows this more clearly than Trump.

“Now it’s who housebreaks who,” he’s telling staffers.  “They’re sure not going to housebreak me – so I have to housebreak them.”

So – realize what this whole drama is about, the Wall, the Shutdown, all the Dem Committee investigation and subpoena threats, Pelosi disinviting POTUS on the SOTU, POTUS canceling her booze party junket at the last instant – it’s who gets housebroken on a leash, and who ends up holding the leash.

Bet on POTUS to be the latter.


Next move will likely be to squelch the no-purpose-but-harassment “investigations” by Dem House Committee Chaircritters, with endless subpoenas to “testify” regarding some fishing expedition.

Whether it’s Elijah “Black Lives Matter” Cummings at Oversight, Liddle Adam Schitt at Intel, or a host of other gnat-brains puffed up with their imaginary importance, this will not end well for them:

Take for example this tweet of Schitt’s on Monday (1/14):

No sale, Schifty.  There are a lot of people out there – as seen by the thread on his tweet – convinced he’s a pedo, and this is a bold attempt to discredit the pending release of real videos proving it.  One example of many:

The sooner this vile little man is exposed the better, pour encourager les autres among his fellow Dems.


Then there’s POTUS’ other way of dealing with gnats in Congress.  On Monday (1/14), he was asked by a reporter about Occasional-Cortex calling him a racist.  Watch his completely appropriate answer in words (two) and gesture in this 8-second clip:

That is precisely how to deal with a nobody like her.  3B’s (the Bug-eyed Brainless Bolshevik) 15 minutes of fame will be in the rear-view mirror soon enough.  She’s just too plain stupid to know how uneducated and ignorant she is.

She recently began advocating a 70% income tax on “the rich.”  Dan Bongino of Fox easily skewered her yesterday (1/17), by demanding:  “Hey, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Show Us How It’s Done and Donate 70% of Your Income to the Government.”

It’s just too easy to stick a fork in her and see she’s done.


One way to know for sure the Libtard Flavor of the Month’s moment of fame is over is when the Libtard Media confirms it.  That’s happened now to Irish Soyboy “Beto” O’Rourke.

The coup de grace was delivered yesterday (1/17) by the Deep State’s flagship, WaPo, identifying him as “Babbling Beto”: The love bubble surrounding O’Rourke is leaking.  Goodnight, kid.


For all this, the Congressional Idiot of the Month Award goes to White Democrat from Hawaii, Ed Case, who declared to an audience on Tuesday that: I’m an Asian Trapped in a White Body.”  Ed’s now the current Poster Boy for White Auto-Racism – for which there is only one cure: to kill yourself.

So Ed, here’s what to do.  Become a Buddhist, commit suicide, and get reincarnated as an Asian.  It’s a win-win.  You’ll rid the world of one useless self-hating libtard white guy, and you get to be the Asian you always wanted to be.  No losers, here, Ed.


Speaking of self-hating masochistic white auto-racism, you can’t get a better blow-yourself-up example than the impossibly insult-your-customer insanity of Gillette’s new YouTube ad, “The Best Men Can Be.”

Released last Sunday (1/13), it has as of today over 20 million views with one million dislikes, which the company’s webmasters are doing their best to block and remove.  This is corporate masochism on steroids.

To say there has been a monumental backlash against Gillette portraying its customers as being infected with “toxic masculinity” is abysmally weak.  Google Gillette + backlash and you’ll get 32 million hits.  Here’s Gillette’s future in a nutshell:

While this is the reaction of a lot of real women:


Speaking of real women.  America – and the Republican Party in particular – needs a lot more ladies like Amanda Chase.

She’s a Virginia State Senator who’s so tired of Antifa-type fascisti protestors hassling her that this week – since she has a carry permit – began openly packing a .38 pistol strapped to her hip on the State Senate floor.

Amanda says it’s a “deterrent” regarding protestors over her and a colleague’s bill outlawing sanctuary cities and other conservative legislation.  No doubt it is.

Thanks, Amanda.  You are an inspiration to conservative women everywhere – and you are awesomely cool.  Amanda Chase – the HFR Hero of the Week.


There’s bad news for the woman who’s the inspiration for Dems and Left:  RBG, according to the news source first knowing she had lung cancer, has pneumonia and is fighting for her life.  She is incapacitated from working and her retirement is expected to be immanent.  May her last days be peaceful – and off the Court.


Want more bad news – this time for global warming scam artists and the all Dems and Lefties?  It wasn’t that long ago that California’s warmist crackpot Governor Moonbeam blamed his state’s drought on us humans.  Well, that’s over.  California’s High Sierras mountain range is about to get eight feet of snow.

And from Kansas to DC and New England,  blizzards of snow and ice will freeze the whole Midwest to Northeast.  Of course, the Leftie religious cultists will blame it all on us too, right?


Now in the good news department – which is giving Dems heart palpitations, Fox this afternoon (1/18) reported that President Trump’s popularity has risen 19% since the Shutdown – among Latinos.  To 50%. How’s that for a jaw-dropper?

Across our wall-less southern border comes the international laugher of the week.  On Tuesday (1/15) during his on-going trial, we learned that Mexican drug cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman paid a $100 million bribe to the President of Mexico  Enrique Pena Nieto.

The biggest laugh of all is that Nieto asked for the bribe first, wanting $250 million for giving Guzman protection and immunity from his government, and Guzman talked him down to 100mil.  How corrupt can a government get?

Well, how about ours?  The Must-Read Op-Ed of the week is Investors Business Daily yesterday (1/17): Criminality Of Deep State Investigation Of Trump Confirmed — Has U.S. Become A Banana Republic?

The FBI under Comey, the DOJ under Lynch, the CIA under Brennan, and the White House under Zero became criminal enterprises on a par with any Third World Banana Republic – and no one has yet been brought to justice, the DOJ and FBI remain as corrupt as before.


Considering how much of their corruption has been exposed for all to see, we must continue to hold out hope that they’ll all be in orange jump suits when POTUS so decides.

So we close with the most enjoyable event of the week, what Roger Kimball calls Trump’s Burger Masterpiece.

POTUS looks so happy – and the Clemson Tigers National Football Champions sure were.  It was a huge hit for the entire team, especially Tigers QB  Trevor Lawrence.

And of course, it set Lefties’ hair on fire, with the toad-brains at Vox denouncing the event as “racist and classist.”  Thanks for sharing – as POTUS said, “Who cares?”


Okay folks, that’s a wrap.  Enjoy the Total Supermoon Eclipse Sunday night (1/20).  Click here to find when it will be where you live.

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