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This question is in no way meant to disparage Rubio’s core patriotism. He obviously loves America, means it no harm, is a good decent moral person who’s solidly conservative in most ways (albeit his fatal error on Gang of 8 Amnesty).

If he were the GOP nominee I would vote for him without the slightest hesitation. He would be light years preferable to the PIAPS or Crackpot Bernie or SlowJoe.

But that’s not the issue at hand. For the reality is that, after last night (3/08) winning a total of 0 delegates – zip, zero, nada – in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii, Rubio is a dead man walking towards the nomination. His candidacy is a busted flush (defined as “something worthless that had great potential”).

Trump, on the other hand, is a four-flusher. A phony vulgar scam-artist braggart, all hat and no cattle whether in political principles, business acumen, character and integrity, or plain moral decency. His stubby little fingers cannot – cannot as a mortal necessity – be allowed access to the presidential codes for launching nuclear weapons.

Have you ever heard of a theory of personality types called the Enneagram? Ennea is Greek for the number nine, and it posits various connections between 9 different alleged types of personality. I haven’t studied it so can’t attest to its validity, but recently a friend of mine sent me a book about it, The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram by Sandra Maitri. The reviews on Amazon are impressive.

My friend asked me to read the description of Enneagram Type Eight, the personality of which the author labels one of Ego-Revenge. The book was written in 2001 and has no reference to or awareness of Trump whatever. Yet my friend found it fascinating that it unknowingly describes Trump to a T:

“Eights are domineering and controlling, often physically large and blustery, determined to get their way. With a fundamental orientation that life has treated them wrong, they are out for justice and to set things right by exacting vengeance. An eight is often openly arrogant, dismissive, and disparaging of others in his assumption and assertion of his own superiority. He is not held back by the feelings of others, social conventions of modesty, courteousness or politeness. He is neither constrained by guilt or conscience.


He is subject to compulsive bursts of rage and violent behavior. Anger is his emotion of choice. When he feels hurt, he gets angry. When he is afraid, he gets angry. When he is needy, he gets angry. He usually blames someone else when he feels these emotions. He is the ruthless and despotic CEO, the vicious mob boss, the corrupt despot – the Idi Amins, the Saddam Husseins, the Fidel Castros of the world.


His form of justice is the biblical sort: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He wants retribution. His form of justice is really a personal vendetta in which the other suffers in the same way that he feels he has. Fairness does not enter into his notion of justice. While he sees the world as inequitable, biased and partisan, he is not interested in changing that. He is not interested in making the world a better and less corrupt place. He only wants his side to win, and once it has, he will subject the losers to humiliation.”

Marco Rubio is not going to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2016. It is now his patriotic duty to do whatever he can to prevent Donald Trump from being that nominee instead. That means it is his patriotic duty to do the only thing to stop Trump.

And that is to withdraw now, today, from the presidential race, endorse Ted Cruz, and campaign for Cruz to win Florida.

As of today, the RCP average of Florida polls is Trump 41, Rubio 25, Cruz 18. Combined, Cruz-Rubio beats Trump. And that is with the ridiculous and ubiquitous underpolling of Cruz. As psephologist Michael Harrington explains, Cruz has been outperforming the polls in the primaries by an average of 15% or higher.

For example, here is how much better Cruz did in these primaries than predicted by the RCP poll average:

Idaho    26.40%
Mississippi    19.30%
Kansas    19.20%
Kentucky    16.70%
Oklahoma    14.10%
Alaska    12.40%
Louisiana    10.10%

 Thus Harrington predicts a minimum increase of 15% for Cruz in a closed primary like Florida. Were Rubio to drop out, then endorse and campaign for him, Cruz would take winner-take-all Florida. With that, Trump’s goose is cooked and America is saved.

Is Marco Rubio patriotic enough to do this? If he loves his country more than his pride and ego, he will.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” was JFK’s immortal challenge. I believe Marco has it within him to answer that challenge, and be the true patriot he is.

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