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epstein-chargedThe arrest Saturday (7/6) and indictment Monday (7/8) of (purported) billionaire, (confirmed) pedophile and major Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein indicates the Storm has finally begun. From now on, the only news Democrats get that isn’t bad will be worse.

CD roms the FBI seized from a safe in Epstein’s $77 million Manhattan town house suggest he was blackmailing hundreds of prominent people.

A decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made Planned Parenthood very, very unhappy.

At a Social Media Summit yesterday (7/11), President Trump blasted the barons of Big Tech for lying to him about censorship, pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative measures to protect free speech.”

For details and much more news, read on.



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The Fourth Pearl of Shing ©2019 Jack Wheeler

The Fourth Pearl of Shing ©2019 Jack Wheeler

I just returned from an extraordinary exploration of Central Asia.  I’ll be going into more depth of what we learned and experienced in Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan in the near future – but right now I’d like to share with you just one exquisite experience.

It’s a hidden unknown wonder tucked into the Fann Mountains of western Tajikistan called the Seven Pearls of Shing.

The Shing River flows through a high narrow valley dotted with small villages of Mountain Tajiks who have lived here for thousands of years.  Thanks to ancient rockfalls eons ago damming up the river in stages, there is a series of seven stepping-stone lakes in the Shing Valley, each of uniquely breathless beauty.

Here’s what we saw.  All the photos are mine, with none photoshopped or have the saturation jacked up.  The colors are real.



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[The video above was produced by the US Embassy in Beijing, posted on its official Twitter account and on YouTube.  Below is the official statement of Secretary of State Pompeo.  Both these actions by the US State Department are announcements to China’s Communist Dictatorship that America will not allow them to forget the horror they committed thirty years ago, nor be excused from the tyranny they continue to impose upon the people of China today. ---JW]

On June 4, we honor the heroic protest movement of the Chinese people that ended on June 4, 1989, when the Chinese Communist Party leadership sent tanks into Tiananmen Square to violently repress peaceful demonstrations calling for democracy, human rights, and an end to rampant corruption.

The hundreds of thousands of protesters who gathered in Beijing and in other cities around China suffered grievously in pursuit of a better future for their country. The number of dead is still unknown.

We express our deep sorrow to the families still grieving their lost loved ones, including the courageous Tiananmen Mothers, who have never stopped seeking accountability, despite great personal risk. The events of thirty years ago still stir our conscience, and the conscience of freedom-loving people around the world.



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treasonous-twoBefore the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the idea that the Russians or anyone else could warp or tamper with our elections in any serious manner was laughed off by President Obama.

Obama was anxious that the sure-to-be-sore-loser Trump would not blame his defeat on voting impropriety in a fashion that might call into question Clinton’s victory.

How ironic that Russian “collusion” was used as a preemptive charge after Trump’s victory from those who actually had colluded with Russians for all sorts for financial and careerist advantages.

“Obstruction” is now supposedly the key to destroying the Trump Administration after collusion imploded. But what exactly would real obstruction of justice look like?



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against-illegal-invasionOn a Sunday afternoon last month (5/19), Etta Nugent found Marco Cobos, an illegal alien from Mexico, at her doorstep in Houston after his truck had broken down nearby.  Cobos forced his way into the elderly lady’s home and stabbed her in the chest.

Nugent’s horrific fate has become all too common in an America that has bought into the lie that it is “a nation of immigrants,” rather than simply a nation. Increasingly, however, immigrants show little appreciation, often outright hostility, for this nation and its people.

Consider the “Dreamers” of North Carolina, thousands of illegal aliens who were brought, illegally, into the country by their parents. The fact that they have not been deported despite their unlawful presence is, in itself, a benefit undeservingly conferred upon them.

We have tens of millions of the entitled uninvited in our country.  What are we going to do about it?



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mankind-causes-global-warmingTwelve years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Massachusetts v. EPA that greenhouse gases are air pollutants covered by the Clean Air Act. The decision in effect gave the Environmental Protection Agency massive additional regulatory authority.

This year, another landmark climate case appears headed for the high court: Juliana v. United States. This time, the stakes are even higher.

The “endangerment finding” in Massachusetts v. EPA was a missed opportunity for climate skeptics to have an honest debate on the entire scientific basis of climate activism. The failure of climate skeptics to successfully argue their position in Massachusetts has created a powerful precedent that favors the plaintiffs in Juliana.

Nonetheless, Juliana is an opportunity to challenge every scientific premise of the climate activist lobby.  For example:



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clarence-thomasAside from a setback in Israel, this was another great MAGA week – for the world, not just the USA.

*President Trump announced yesterday (5/30) he’ll impose tariffs on all goods coming from Mexico until such time as the flow of illegal immigrants coming through Mexico stops.

*The Supreme Court smacked around Planned Parenthood.

*In elections for the European Parliament, Brexit won big in Britain, Angela Merkel lost big in Germany.

*Thanks to U.S. pressure, the Hezbollah militia is withdrawing from Syria, Russia won’t sell S-400 missiles to Iran.

*A privately funded group headed by Brian Kolfage, a vet and a triple amputee, has built a half mile of border wall at a major crossing point near El Paso.

There’s lots more news. Let’s get to it.



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trump-tweet-052319The news we’ve been anticipating for lo these many moons is finally here. Late last night President Trump authorized Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify documents pertaining to the origins of Spygate.

The shrieks of terror and howls of pain from Democrats were schadenfreudelicious.

In other news:

*British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation today (5/24) after exit polls indicated the brand new Brexit Party crushed establishment parties in elections yesterday for the European Parliament.

May is being bounced chiefly for bungling Brexit. But some think soon to revealed details about British spying on Trump’s campaign for president was also a factor.

Earlier in the week “populist” prime ministers in India and Australia were re-elected.

*The administration is sending 1,500 more troops to the Gulf to protect American troops and diplomatic personnel for Iranian threats.

The additional troops are for force protection only, are not – as numbnuts left and right assert – the start of a buildup for a ground war.

*Progressives want to throw all pro-Lifers out of the Democrat Party. Two recent polls make clear this would be a catastrophic mistake.

There’s a lot more. Let’s dig into it.



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deputy-atty-general-rod-rosenstein-retiresThe biggest news in a week filled with big news is:

*The Justice Department revealed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ran a massive sting. Coup plotters are royally screwed.

*End game is approaching with Iran. Despite their bellicose rhetoric, the crisis is more likely to end with a whimper from the mullahs than a bang.

*President Trump unveiled his plans for immigration reform, is contemplating invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to throw out of the country illegals who cross before reform can be enacted.

Nancy Pelosi backtracked from her assertion there is no crisis at the border, signaling a deal may be possible this year.

*The signs abound the Spygate tsunami will reach landfall next week. Democrats are – and ought to be – scared spitless.

Here we go with this week's HFR! Enjoy the Read!!! 🙂



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sue-till-its-blueFormer President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder won’t tell the truth when it comes to their redistricting strategy, but here it is: Pick a state, any state, and sue until it’s blue.

They have spent years and millions of dollars selling the false narrative that Democrats draw “fair maps” while any and all Republican-drawn maps are “partisan gerrymanders.”

While rhetorically cute, their primary goal has nothing to do with fighting gerrymandering as they repeatedly claim, but to put redistricting in the hands of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and lifetime-appointed judges.

Their strategy makes sense.  There are plenty of unelected federal judges presiding over these redistricting cases who will enthusiastically toss out constitutionally drawn maps to help elect more Democrats.  Here’s how to stop this.

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